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Along with space, most of the event hall owners offer additional services such chairs, tables, Wi-Fi and decorations. What to offer is up to you. handles all of the payment through its payment agents-you never have to deal directly with money. Customer pays whole fee for reservation. 30% of the fee is nonrefundable. Customer gets charged within 24 hours after making reservation.

You get paid through direct bank deposit. Customer is allowed to cancel the reservation at least 5 days before the date of the event. 70% of your rent is automatically sent 48 hours after the lessee makes payment. And you get paid the remaining 30% of your rent 48 hours after expiry of the 5 days before the date of event.

Listing your event hall on is free. takes a 3% host rent on each reservation.

To avoid double booking, all bookings made on desk are to be accepted on

What you charge is up to you.

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Register Now lets you the owner of the Hotel, Bar, Lounge & Nightclubs, and Event Halls to register all your services so as your customers can easily acknowledge your service. How to register your services, you need to fill in your details in this form right hand after understanding Terms and Conditions..